BAMBO EARTH LLC is a company focused on finding sourcing and creating natural, biodegradable and zero-waste personal care and beauty products.

From the product to the packaging, we believe that the natural and eco-friendly approach is the healthiest solution for the people while fighting the waste and working on building an environmentally aware community is our main goal to a zero-waste planet!







Our Products

High Quality, Natural, Eco-Friendly and Zero-Waste. These are the words we aim to stand by and meet or exceed the expectation for.

We use quality ingredients and materials while we keep our pricing easy on the pocket.

Our Packaging

As we always aim to achieve the best natural quality of our products, we do not stop there. For us, not only as a company but as a people on this beautiful planet is very important that our product and shipping packaging is always biodegradable or recyclable. That includes craft paper boxes, recyclable boxes, paper wraps or 100% biodegradable wrap film that you can always trough in your compost or recycle bin.

Our Misson

Keep working finding and creating the best and highest quality natural products for our customers.

Spread the word and keep working on building an environmental aware community – we do our best to prevent the waste and we always keep improving to more eco-friendly approach – but we cannot prevent all that waste alone. It is up to all the people to take care and responsibility of their daily waste and that is why building an aware community is really important and it’s the way to our ultimate mission of a zero-waste planet!