We always try to aim to provide the best of what we do, not only for the satisfaction of our customer but also for the responsibility to our environment!

Our BAMBO EARTH new protective packaging are made fully out of recycled materials, without plastic and coating, 100% natural biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly.

OUR ECO SHIPPINGBAMBO EARTH shipping box is made with high specification high density cardboard production to ensure the natural quality of the carton.

On the top of that, our packaging is effectively achieves anti-shock and anti-fall standards!
Eco FillingWhere is needed, we also add our 100% recycled, biodegradable and eco-friendly natural raffia packaging filling to ensure the safety of the ordered products and provide our customers with an ultimate unpacking experience!
Eco InkWe Use Soy-Bean Based Ink That Is Much More Environmentally Conscious, Brakes down Much Easier Than Other Inks And Does Not Cause Any Allergies!

Not Only We Designed Our Shipping To Be All Eco-Friendly, But We Didn’t Stop There! We Have Carefully Designed And Considered Some Smart Details And Tricks That Will Provide You With A Natural Pleasure And Sensation While Unboxing Your Products!