3 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly

Climate change, now increasingly called the climate crisis, is a fact. Individual choice in everyday life is key to saving our planet. That's why we present you with some affordable and effective actions that we can take to help reduce catastrophic changes in the environment.

Let's Use Reusable Items:

This is the easiest and most important choice we can make. In addition to saving money in the long run, we also reduce the amount of garbage behind us. Also, limiting plastics and using alternative products has a positive effect on our health and the environment!


What To Do:

We can replace the plastic shopping bag with one made of fabric, paper or other reusable ones. And when we use nylon - let's find more uses for it before we throw it away.

Let's choose glass / stainless steel / water bottles made of other materials, travel glasses. In this way we do not harm our health and we have a unique product that we can use again and again for years!


Straws can also become a reusable item. More and more restaurants offer straws made of bamboo, metal or even made of wheat!

Let's Say "YES" To Bamboo Products For Personal Hygiene

Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. It recovers on its own extremely quickly, even after cutting the aboveground part. It does not harm our health and is degradable! What to replace:


Replace Plastic Toothbrush With Bamboo

This is an easy step, but extremely necessary. In reality, for almost the same price, we choose whether to produce perpetual waste. Another advantage of bamboo toothbrushes is that they are antimicrobial!

Replace Plastic Earplugs With Bamboo

This is a necessary hygiene product. They are not a problem for you or for nature when they are made of bamboo.


And why not use:


Bamboo bathroom accessories, makeup brushes made of bamboo

They are light, unbreakable and stainless! Convenient to use and harmless unlike plastic.